we Launched a car at the mtv movie awards after party

How we made toyota fit in with the cool kids


When designer Hiroyuki Koba was asked to create a new SUV for Toyota, he didn’t. He designed the car he’d always dreamed of making. He created the first ever Toyota C-HR—a modern, edgy, stylish troublemaker. Born out of mischief, breaking the rules is in the   C-HR’s blood. It’s all of the things that Toyota is not.

So to throw a launch event worthy of the mischievous C-HR, we partnered with the original rule breaker and threw a party on their most outrageous night: the MTV Movie Awards.

We create three dynamic, immersive installations inspired by the classic stories that tied to our launch campaign. We seamlessly integrated the C-HR into these installations—making them an integral part of these classic mischievous stories. Using facial recognition technology, we mapped each individual’s face and compiled their photos from each installation into one unique takeaway. At the end of the night, each party goer went home with a personalized keepsake that was actually a car brochure in disguise.


Also, we got over 298 million impressions. Not bad. 

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